Sunday, June 1, 2008

If in wholesale...

If you are a wholesaler, you should know by now just how important packaging is. It is your sales rep - your sole sales rep. On the shelves in someone else's store, it is the only thing that will sell your product... other than the product itself.

My product is a perfect example of packaging gone wrong. Too wordy, yet still too difficult to understand. Pictures were less than best. Box packaging looked cheap, didn't fit well and tore a lot.

Originally, I looked at competitors and thought to myself, they must know how this is done. So I mirrored them. BAD IDEA. Packaging can set you apart from the competition and so it is best to invest wisely with a well know packaging company that can take your product/concept/etc and sell it to the world with ease, a difference, and with that special something that draws shoppers to your product and makes them want to purchase.

Don't be afraid to take risk... calculated risk. Research pricing, source, source, source. Don't forget to get a number of quotes from several providers. Don't go with just the cheapest. Go on reputation, vision and portfolio. Even check out the Better Business Bureau for past complaints. Keep in mind that packaging made in the USA will be very expensive or if not expensive, it will look cheap. Just keep this in mind. This is a big dilemma that I will touch on quite frequently...

I have so much to say when it comes to packaging. I had quite a tough experience with my first round of packaging that I stopped for a while out of sheer disappointment and frustration. I now have hundreds of "timber" as I call it because my boxes are useless! ; ) Oh the joys of going at it alone and on a budget! Seek help with experts when and wherever possible. Maybe just pay for a consultant to help you create it and you have the packaging done elsewhere.

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