Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Beginning

Every story has a beginning. This cozy url, is the home for the beginning of this story... er, in this case, chapter. I say chapter because my story has long since begun and there are only mini beginnings and mini endings.

One of my most recent mini beginnings was the creation of Blue Sky Papers,, a small creative company making kits so people can easily create a special gift to pay tribute to someone. This beginning has been start, top, strong and weak all at the same time. If anyone ever tells you that being a creative manufacturer or starting up a business is a roller coaster ride, PUT ON YOUR SEAT BELT... cause they are not kidding. I have never experienced such highs and lows!

So, put on your seat belt. I am going to share my journey with you, with all of its highs, lows and imperfections. Perhaps learning through my mistakes and misfortunes and successes, you can grow.

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